The vice-governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region checked the «Safe yard»
16 July 2020
The vice-governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region checked the «Safe yard»

ER-Telecom Holding (TM and Business) demonstrated to the First Deputy Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Evgeny Lyulin and the Acting Mayor of Dzerzhinsk Gleb Andreev the capabilities of the monitoring system of the adjacent territories.

The complex «Safe Yard» system includes a «smart» intercom, video surveillance devices, door opening and motion sensors. The solution allows city services, management companies and residents to remotely monitor the situation in the yards and control their safety.

«Smart» intercom is controlled via a mobile application and makes it possible to open doors contactlessly by pressing a button on a smartphone. Also in the application you can view the video from the intercom camera in real time or in the video archive. Thus, you can always see who is ringing the entrance door and what is happening in the yard, and in case of any incidents - find out who did it. Additional surveillance cameras can be connected to the system, located at various points in the yard. In addition, the devices have the ability to reproduce audio signals and voice information to alert residents in case of emergencies.

«Safe yard» also includes devices of the «Internet of things» - these are motion and door opening sensors, which are located in attics and basements. In case of an unauthorized entry into the premises, the responsible services will immediately receive a message about where and at what time the event occurred, what exactly happened. Internet of Things sensors, which are used by ER-Telecom, differ in their affordable price and duration of operation.

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