ER-Telecom will offer retail «electronic price tags»
13 July 2020
ER-Telecom will offer retail «electronic price tags»

ER-Telecom Holding ( and Business TM), together with State Ryazan Instrument Plant JSC, began to provide a comprehensive solution for the retail market – «electronic price tags».

Development allows to significantly optimize costs when updating price tags on trading shelves. The solution consists of autonomous devices (price tags) and software, with the help of which price management and monitoring are carried out.

Electronic price tags are devices with a display. Information is displayed using e-lnk technologies in tri-color or monochrome design. Each price tag has a sound and light indicator, a seller’s call button and facilitates the search for the right product. In addition, the retailer does not need to buy additional special equipment to ensure the connection of the database server and price tags. Also, the system is already integrated with the 1C platform for automatic generation and updating of price tags on the trading floor.

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