Real virtual office from ER-Telecom Holding
22 May 2020
Real virtual office from ER-Telecom Holding

ER-Telecom Holding developed the Turnkey «Virtual Office» service for business clients. It is implemented as part of a special program of anti-crisis proposals #savebusiness.

Corporate clients of the company offered a range of services, including the creation of universal jobs, connecting telecommunication services, providing equipment and setting up network connections taking into account information security requirements.

The Turnkey «Virtual Office» project designed to reduce the administrative costs of ER-Telecom Holding customers by more than 45% if some of the employees transferred to a permanent remote work scheme.

The operational efficiency facilitated by the lack of business related capital costs and the cost of maintaining its own infrastructure. The cost of organizing a virtual office depends on the size of the business.

ER-Telecom Holding is ready to provide virtual infrastructure scaling in the shortest possible time.

Also, under the “Turnkey Virtual Office” service, customers are offered additional options - connecting a leakage tracking system, encrypting communication channels (certified GOST VPN encryption algorithms), comprehensive protection of employee computers from malware, renting MS Office, 1C, IT outsourcing licenses (setting up applications, OS) inside the client OS, as well as renting GPU resources.

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