ER-Telecom is on guard of public safety
19 May 2020
ER-Telecom is on guard of public safety

ER-Telecom Holding supported an international project to introduce new digital solutions to counter COVID-19. The developed services are relevant at various stages of the pandemic for manufacturing companies, medical institutions and ordinary people, as several geolocation technologies and low power IoT sensors based on the LoRaWAN standard network are used here.

List of decisions:

«Registration of observance of social distance»

The service allows production companies that resume business to monitor compliance with the rules of social distance between employees, thereby reducing the risk of infection, increasing labor safety.

The developed solution based on the LoRaWAN IoT network. With the help of personal trackers, it forms and maintains a mobile virtual zone around each employee. The sound and vibration signal will inform the administrator about the violation of boundaries and the occurrence of risky situations.

«Monitoring the individual space of older people»

The solution designed to provide older people with safer contact with relatives and social workers.

Wherever a person is located - in a hospital, in a nursing home or alone at home, guardians and loved ones will be able to receive relevant information not only about their movements, but also to monitor changes in the situation in the room. Control carried out using panic buttons, sensors, and tracker bracelets. The latter, in turn, make it possible to identify and evaluate the quality of work of an employee of social services and enable the management of the organization to coordinate the work of staff, to track the route of its movement.

«Monitoring quarantine compliance»

The development allows to record violations of the regime of self-isolation or exit from the territory of a medical institution, promptly informing the administration.

A user who is required to be in quarantine receives a bracelet with a removal sensor and an alarm button, which, in addition to the location, can record the pulse and pressure. Thanks to the use of such a device equipped with an RFID tag, employees of medical institutions have the opportunity to receive information about the patient (medical card number, date of admission, diagnosis, treatment prescribed, and so on).

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