House Intercom

“Smart Intercom” is a smart monitoring system. The technology allows to use the mobile application “Smart”, working on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Intercom panels are connected to the internet and do not require the installation or replacement of an intercom handset in the flat – all the controls can be made from a smartphone.

System’s capabilities
New safety and comfort technologies for a better quality of life

Provision of telecommunication infrastructure for city needs;


Using the scenarios of situational and biometric video-analytics;


Identification and archive storage of data about the entering / exiting visitors using specialized modern technologies;


Transmitting sound and voice information (both in respect of a separate entrance or in general);


Courtyard video-surveillance with the provision of HD-video to the regional and municipal monitoring services, in particular, as a part of “Safe City” program implementation;


Remote control of access to the entrance of a high-rise building, and via a special mobile application for the emergency services’ employees and housing specialists.



Development and extension of the centralized monitoring system.
Prevention and stopping of law violations.
Development of channels for the cooperation with the citizens.
Functionality including situational and biometric video-analytics: face detection and recognition, motion analytics in respect of people and vehicles, visitor count, detection of smoke and fire, left objects;
Separate access to the video information for the law-enforcement agencies and managing companies;
Detection and alert in case of persons searched by the law-enforcement agencies;
Calling emergency services from the intercom panel and mobile application;
Subscribers’ alert of emergencies through the intercom speaker in a mobile app.
Control of the district territory cleaning, waste removal.
Evaluation of the quality and timeliness of rendering the services by the housing organizations.
Detection of cases of vandalism.
Remote monitoring and control of the city infrastructure.
Improvement of the comfort and security of living with value-added services.
Identification of damage to personal property (including parked cars).
Opportunity of using a mobile app Android and iOS smartphones for remote control with a locking device, opportunity to view video online and video archive.
Distant door opening if it is approached by the citizens residing in the rise.


Feature table
Sensor1.3 MP, color, 1/3 '' SONY Exmor, Day / Night
Sensitivity0.01 lux (Day) / 0.003 lux (Night) / 0 lux (with IR on)
Lens2 мм, F2.0
Viewing angle137 ° (horizontal), 103 ° (vertical)
IncreaseDigital via web interface
WDRDigital, 3 presets
Noise suppression2D / 3DNR (level adjustment), SmartNR
Shutter speed1/25 to 1/8000 sec. (automatically, setting the maximum value)
Signal / NoiseNot less than 50 dB
SynchronizationSynchronization with a light source of 50, 60 Hz
AdditionallyElectromechanical IR filter, progressive scan

Expected Result
up to 40%

Reduction of crime level in the territory equipped with ip-intercoms up to 40% of the current level;

Control and management of the city security due to 24-hour monitoring of the city space and video-flow from the surveillance cameras;

Organization of direct access to the emergency and housing services;

Reproduction of sound and voice information through the house intercom panel in case of emergency;

Remote control of access to the rise of an apartment building though a mobile app.

Achieved Effect
Achieved Effect

Improvement of the city security due to 24-hour monitoring of the city space and video-flow from the surveillance cameras

Use of the audio-recording opportunities to bring the necessary voice information through the speaker of the intercom panel in case of emergency

Remote control of access to the rise of an apartment building though a mobile app