For Telecom Operators

For Telecom Operators

One of the largest controlled optical networks in Europe covering 80% of the territory of Russia using radio access technology, a leader by average broadband speed.


Internet is the service of connection and transit of the Customer’s ip-traffic in the backbone network of ER-Telecom Holding JSC
is the service of complete connectivity in the global internet network.

Lightview is the service of providing limited connectivity (for example, Russian internet segment)
is the service of ip-transit of traffic between the networks of the customer and the networks and customers of ER-Telecom Holding JSC.
is the service of traffic filtration for the purposes of complying with the federal laws FZ-139, FZ-149, FZ-187, FZ-398, FZ-436 on the equipment of ER-Telecom Holding JSC according to the requirements of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roscomnadzor).
DDoS Protect
is the provision of protection against DDoS-atacks for IP-transit service.
Remote IX
is the service of connecting to traffic exchange points (IX), such as: MSK-IX, DATA-IX, DEC-IX etc.
Remote ISP
is the service of connecting to a remote telecom operator (Telia Sonera, Level3, Cogent, etc.) over IP-MPLS-network of ER-Telecom Holding JSC
is the service of providing classical L2 or L3 communication channels (supporting the relevant routing protocols).
is the service of providing geographically distributed broadband Ethernet-domain for data transfer (L2VPN point-to-multipoint).
Psewdowire L1
is the service of providing L1 communication channel included into the equipment of IP/MPLS network of ER-Telecom Holding JSC. It enables transparent transmission of all the protocols, and the service backup methods include standard MPLS (FRR, TE++, ...)
Fibre lease
is the service of leasing optic fiber between the Customer’s points
is the connection via data transfer network, it allows the termination of calls to ABC-numbering (including the numbering of ER-Telecom of all the regions with the numbering capacity of over 1.5 million numbers and utilization of over 50%) of the Russian Federation, DEF-numbering of the Russian Federation, and any directions in the world.
Local and zonal connection
traffic transmission on the local and zonal (if any, not available in all the cities) level. The operator is provided the opportunity of direct termination of calls to the numbering of ER-Telecom in the city and the connected operators, allowing optimizing and backing up traffic transmission routes and optimizing costs. 

ABC-numbers of the regions
regions is the provision of local and intraareal services (if any, not available in all the cities), and data transfer services for the transmission of information with a subscriber number assignment.
Opportunity of providing a telephone number from the numbering resources of over 100 Russian cities. Opportunity of choosing the number, prompt connection, various connection options (SIP-trunk, analogue connection).
IPTV is the provision of Digital IPTV on agency basis.
It allows the operator to render value-added services to its subscribers, using the company’s resources. The Agent, acting on behalf of ER-Telecom, enters into agreements, draws up invoices, renders cash services and contractual and technical support services
Provision of local telephony services

Provision of intraareal telephony services (not available in all the cities)
is the technology of statistical data accumulation, verification and filtration of network packages by their content.

The service allows classifying the subscriber’s traffic. Owing to this, the operator may:
  Analyze the customers’ needs
  Plan new service plans
  Analyze the development of certain internet technologies.

The service allows setting up traffic prioritization, manage the traffic, block the locked websites, set up “Parent Control” service. It also allows communicating with the subscriber, in particular, regarding the new products, advertising campaigns, debt alerts.
vBNG (virtualised Broanband Network Gateway)
is a virtualised network function allowing the customer to roll out its own router for providing services to its customer on the basis of ER-Telecom infrastructure. This allows to avoid the installation and maintenance of additional equipment, especially, if fast services rollout is required.
vSS (virtualised Soft Switch)
is a virtualized network function combining the functions of a flexible programming softswitch class 4 and session border controller for organizing a high productive transit centre in the operator networks with packet switching.
Mcast Vlan
is a technology for traffic transmission in IP-networks used for the transfer of TV channels (services) in SD or HD.
The provision of multicast traffic
is the organization of L2-channel to the point of the customer connection and setting the output of an open non-transcoded (non-compressed) TV channel in SD or HD by ER-Telecom.

The provision of multicast traffic transit
is the organization of L2-channel to the point of the customer connection and setting the output of the multicast traffic with the TV channel in SD or HD present at the sites of other operators / studios, with which ER-Telecom has a juncture.

is the provision of an opportunity of direct connection of the Customer’s node to the remote control of lawfully authorized electronic surveillance and processing of the Customer’s traffic through the software and hardware complex of ER-Telecom.
Colocation, Port Lease, Equipment Lease
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
is the platform allowing the customer to accelerate the delivery of its content to the end user by reducing the network delay to the end user.
*ERTH does not have its own CDN solution.
SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN)
is a programmable network for ensuring the communication between the customer’s branches, allowing to aggregate different channels for data transfer: IP-VPN, MPLS, Internet, 3G, 4G, etc. The advantages of the technology include the ease of the sites (branches) rollout, reduction of operating costs due to a combination of expensive and cheap communication channels.

Highways network map

ER-Telecom has its own highways communication network that meets all the requirements of modern market conditions
Own optical network
Lease fiber
Lease Chanel
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