Connection of Socially Significant Facilities to the Internet

Using various telecom tools that automate processes can help increase the speed of providing vital services.

Connected socially significant objects of the country by 2021

Cities of presence
RegionSocially significant facility, pcs.Settlements, pcs.
Tyumen Region945383
Omsk Region1 777625
Novosibirsk Region1 535889
Altaysky Krai2 275812
Krasnoyarsky Krai2 209815
Arkhangelsk Region998535
Ryazan Region923570
Nenetsky Autonomous Area10137
Yamalo-Nentsky Autonomous Area13762
Chelyabinsk Region1050466
Volgograd Region1440560
Saratov Region1279600
Permsky Krai646381

Project "Country Internet"

It involves the creation of a broadband access network (BBA) to the Internet in rural areas.

The users of the provided Internet access services will be individuals in small towns

Cottage villages, villages, urban-type villages, small cities with a population of 500 inhabitants or more.