The service of call organization upon pressing «concierge» or «SOS» button at a manageable monitoring device to the emergency and dispatching service of the managing organization or to the concierge’s panel.

Yard monitoring system


Yard (driveway) video surveillance with the provision of HD video images to regional and city monitoring services, including as part of the «Safe City» program


Receive incoming audio signals and voice messages


Bringing sound and voice information (in relation to a separate entrance or in a complex)


Possibility of remote door opening, remote access control to the apartment building entrance from the operator’s place, as well as through a special mobile application for emergency services and housing and communal services specialists


Providing Wi-FI access in the surrounding area


Identification and data storage

Project Features
Project Features
For government customers

Using situational and biometric video analytics scenarios

Integration with the subsystem «Administrative section» - automated transmission of video analytics information in order to ensure control and prevention of offenses by law enforcement agencies

Dispatching (output of the doorphone button to the emergency control panel of the management company)

Integration of the SOS button into the unified emergency communication system «Citizen - Police», which allows you to receive citizens' appeals via the two-way audio channel through the emergency device in the City Monitoring Center

Separate access to video information for law enforcement agencies and management companies

Detection and warning when people wanted by law enforcement agencies appear

Call emergency services from the intercom panel and from the mobile application

Integration of monitoring devices with MKD access control systems, including attic and basement control (electric locks, motion sensors)

8 500
managed monitoring devices in St. Petersburg
10 000
equipped porches in Russia

New Services

The service «Key in your pocket» - Notification of subscribers about emergencies through a mobile application - Play sound and voice information through the speaker on-door speakerphone

Additional services «Smart intercom» for residents

Watch video from the doorphone online

View archive of events in 7 days

Open the door to the entrance from any geographical point where there is Internet

Free public access to the Internet via Wi-Fi