The use of various telecom tools for process automation will allow increasing the speed of rendering life-critical services. 

“Digital” Healthcare
Internet connection at the remote facilities

High-speed internet access, organization of VPN-channels for connecting remote facilities

Collection and analysis of customer behavior

Evaluation of the queue, hot and cold areas, customer ranking by sex, age, visits’ frequency

Improvement of efficiency of the commercial blocks

Establishment of a unified call-centre for all the cities on the basis of a cloud ATS to control the sales departments

Control over the facilities and staff, transport and perimeter

A cloud solution on the centralized monitoring of employee efficiency and a complex approach to building a unified safety management system.


Stable work
Reliable access
Fast implementation and update of internet-applications and cloud solutions
Timely update of information on the corporate website
Organization of Wi-Fi network for employees and customers
Immediate online-communications with customers and partners
High-speed safe internet access to the corporate databases
Remote exchange with remote information resources
Online shared use of software and applications (CRM, ERP, e-mail)
Creation of single infrastructure for holding video-conferences and exchanging any the information of any type (video, voice, data)
Reliable exchange of commercial and confidential information via a protected network
The technology of preventing unauthorized access does not allow third parties to connect to the channels
A multi-channel – the opportunity of making and receiving several calls at the same time
Calls history and statistics – the opportunity to control the incoming and outgoing calls, and calls’ duration
Calls scheduling – a time schedule for processing and distribution of calls irrespective of the day of the week and time
Calls recording is the opportunity to record complicated discussions with the customers. All the recorded calls are stored for one year
The call control reduces the waiting-time of the subscriber in a line
Back call – the opportunity not to wait for a free Operator, the ATS will offer the customer to order a back call, and will connect the first free operator with the customer
Sales and services quality control
Incoming calls’ route settings
Changing the version of cloud ATS and selecting additional features
Opportunity to set limits on the use of long-distance and international calls
Process control and evaluation of the quality of work of remote employees
Recording and preventing unlawful actions
Virtual presence and day-to-day business management
Monitoring of the state of buildings, premises, equipment, transport, etc.
Recording after motion – only the frames necessary for the situation analysis
Recording speed 15 frames per second
Video recording archive of up to 30 days
Access to the portal from PCs and mobile devices
View the video from your cameras in “multiscreen” mode
View and download the video archive
Save the video frames on a telephone or tablet
Change the camera settings
Add video-cameras
Set up frame extension
Manage video-analytics services
Set up customer traffic metre
View video-recordings and archive in a mobile application
Have access to the User account from any place in the world with internet access
A method of automatic data collection based on the identification and recognition of pre-determined situations in a video flow in order to automate and optimize business processes.
Proactive management – automated analysis of the incoming video-information allowing to identify in real-time mode potentially hazardous situations and alert the user to the need of taking immediate operational control measures.
Indexation is the online pre-processing of the video-stream by creating scene metadata (assignment of labels and indices), which provides for the fast search, convenient work and allows organizing effective storage of the collected information.
Big Data – the translation of video-information into statistical data, allowing to store data for a long period of time and perform in-depth retrospective analysis without a link to the video-archive.
In addition to its own functions, the software supports the embedded video-detectors of IP-cameras, and are also capable of working with specialized video-analytics devices (ACS turngates, recorders, etc.)
Detector means basic video-analytics, based on geometry laid over the video-sequence (line, zone) and on the general video-sequence characteristics (shielding, exposure, defocusing, etc.). The service detectors give an alarm in case of failures in the work of video-cameras
Module is a more complex than detectors type of video-analytics based on the specialized algorithms of recognition, identification and classification (license plates, faces)
Scenario is a programmable reaction of the video-analytics system based on the aggregated information of detectors and modules
Wireless data transfer from the terminals video-cameras and sensors
“Smart Monitoring” system – staff and visitors’ identification, crowd flows’ analytics
It is possible to connect other corporate services and equipment via Wi-Fi
Two options of setting a closed Wi-Fi access: additional password or PIN-code for connection. Option of limiting the time spent by the guests on the network
Closed Wi-Fi network for the employees: additional Wi-Fi network in the guest area for service needs (terminals, TV, etc.)
Content filtration: opportunity to close access to third-party websites and protection from undesirable information in the internet
Value-added services
Value-added services
The backup of the channels deals with the following tasks:
The backup of the channels deals with the following tasks:
The protection from DDOS-attacks deals with the following tasks:
The cloud solutions provides two modes of protection:
Additionally you can connect:
Additionally you can connect:
Improvement of the network availability ratio
Mitigation of the existing risks associated with the equipment operation
Uninterrupted operation of the equipment and securing reliable functioning of the offices’ connection
Organization of telecommunication services in the places, where the cable laying is complicated
Discharging load from the main channels in rush hours
Improvement of networks’ failure reliability
The service analyzes and filters internet-traffic in real-time mode
It provides the protection from the network anomalies and DDoS-attacks on telecommunication channels and information resources – websites, internet-shops, online-banking, etc.
Protection of network infrastructure from overloading the telecommunication channels and attacks on BGP protocol
Protection of applications from attacks on the applications’ security vulnerabilities and depletion of the system’s resources
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)
Cloud services (SaaS)
IoT (internet of things)
Antivirus for the business
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