Successful development of hotels, restaurants and cafes is related to the implementation of digital services, which will help improve the profitability, increase cross-sales and customer flow, provide for high quality of services using the latest technologies.

Industry Digitalization
Seamless operation and business automation

High-speed internet connection at an optimal speed (optic fibre links, WNGN)

Optimization of business processes and costs reduction

A complex solution by the same operator (Internet, Wi-Fi, TV, Video-Surveillance, Telephone)

Growth of customer loyalty, attraction and retention

Video-analytics to improve the guests’ comfort (automatic registration of regular guests using face recognition, assistance with a parking lot in a car park)

Maximization of profit through value-added services

Targeted communications and personalized offers of hotel value-added services (restaurant, SPA, fitness) with Wi-Fi and using the solutions based on video-analytics

Customers’ safety and control of the staff work

A complex approach to the building and development of a unified centralized system of managing the safety and services quality on site


Stable work
Reliable access
Rapid implementation and updating of Internet applications and cloud solutions
Timely updating of information on the corporate website
Organization of Wi-Fi networks for employees and customers
Online communications with customers and partners
High speed secure access to corporate databases
Remote interaction with remote information resources
Sharing software and applications (CRM, ERP, email) online
Creation of a unified infrastructure for video conferencing and the exchange of any kind of information (video, voice, data)
Reliable exchange of commercial and confidential information over a secure network
Unauthorized access exclusion technology does not allow unauthorized persons to connect to communication channels
Wireless data transfer from terminals, camcorders and sensors
«Intelligent monitoring» system - identification of personnel and visitors, analytics of human flows
Wi-Fi connectivity for other corporate services and equipment
Two options for setting up private Wi-Fi access: an additional password or PIN for connection. Ability to limit the time guests stay online
Closed Wi-Fi network for employees: additional Wi-Fi network in the guest area for office needs (terminals, TV, etc.)
Content filtering: the ability to close visits to third-party sites and protect against unwanted information on the Internet
Multi-channel number - the ability to make and receive multiple calls at the same time
Call history and statistics - the ability to control incoming and outgoing calls, call duration
Call schedule - schedule for processing and distribution of calls depending on the day of the week, time of day
Recording conversations - the ability to record complex conversations with customers. All recorded conversations are stored for one year.
Call management reduces customer waiting time on the line
Callback - the ability to not wait for a free operator, the PBX will offer the client to order a call back, and then she will connect the first free operator with the client
Quality control of sales and service
Call Route Settings
Ability to change the cloud PBX version and select additional features
The ability to set restrictions on the use of long-distance and international calls
Monitoring workflow and evaluating the quality of work of remote employees
Fixation and prevention of illegal actions
Virtual presence and operational business management
Monitoring the status of structures, premises, equipment, vehicles, etc.
watch videos from your cameras in multiscreen mode
view and download video archive
save video frames to the phone or tablet
change the camcorder settings
add camcorders
adjust the frame extension
manage video analytics services
set up client flow counter
view archived videos in a mobile application
access to your Personal Account from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access
Automated data collection method based on the allocation and recognition of predefined situations in the video stream in order to automate and optimize business processes
Proactive management - an automated analysis of incoming video information allows online identification of potentially dangerous situations and signals the user about the need for operational control measures
Indexing - preprocessing the online video stream by creating scene metadata (assigning labels, indexes), which provides quick search, convenient operation and allows you to organize efficient storage of collected information
Big Data - translation of video information into statistical data, which allows you to store data for a long period and conduct deep retrospective analysis without reference to the video archive
In addition to its own functions of video analytics, the software supports built-in video detectors of IP cameras, and can also work with specialized video analytics devices (ACS turnstiles, registrars, etc.)