Leading Russian telecommunications company
ER-Telecom Holding JSC provides services of broadband Internet access, telephony, digital TV, access to Wi-Fi, VPN, LoRaWAN networks, video surveillance and integrated solutions based on technologies of the industrial Internet of things (IoT).
Company Highlights

Company Highlights

Establishment of «ER-Telecom»
Establishment of ER-Telecom in Perm. Victory at the All-Russian Venture Fair with the project of the unique “City Universal Telecommunication Network” (GUTS)
Start of network construction
The GUTS project received the support of local and federal authorities; construction of a network of 200,000 apartments in Perm began. For the first time in Russia a mass cable TV project is being implemented using the “optics to home” technology
Branch Network Development
Invested 1.9 billion rubles. on the development of a branch network in Volzhsky, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kirov, Omsk, Orenburg, Penza, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk. Formed a full triple-play service package
Growth of capacity of «ER-Telecom» network
The capacity of ER-Telecom network has reached 1.3 million households. The revenue growth rate for 2006 was 350%. The subscriber base has reached more than 360 thousand households (+ 50 thousand subscribers per year)
Construction of a fiber optic communication network
The number of company subscribers has grown to a million. Start of construction of a fiber optic communication network. Cable TV and broadband access services are available in Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod
Revolutionary Internet Rates
Launch of unlimited Internet tariffs revolutionary in terms of price and speed. Achievements: 4th place in Russia in terms of broadband access subscribers, winner of the national award “Company of the Year 2009”
Strategy implementation
Implementation of the strategy begins, the general purpose of which is leadership in the Russian market of broadband access and cable TV in revenue (20% of the market)
TOP-10 telecommunications companies in Russia
ER-Telecom Holding JSC entered the TOP-10 of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia in terms of revenue. Companies assigned Moody’s ratings for the first time
The best innovative company in Russia
«ER-Telecom» is the fastest federal Internet service provider in Russia. Launched a brand for corporate customers " Business". Awards: victory in the Brand of the Year / EFFIE contest and first place in the «TechSuccess» ranking of the best innovative companies in Russia
The company's Wi-Fi network has 5 000 Internet access points
« TV» and « TV Mini»
The output of two new devices for connecting to digital TV - the set-top box « TV» and « TV Mini», is 163 television channels, 56 of which are in HD format. Contact center software update and launch of interactive communication channels.
Internet tariff with speeds up to 200 Mbps and its own network of public Wi-Fi
The assembly of « TV Mini» set-top boxes was transferred to Russia, to the «Morion» Perm plant. Launching an Internet tariff with a speed of up to 200 Mbps in 5 cities. Private 6,000-point Wi-Fi network
The largest public Wi-Fi network
«ER-Telecom» is the leader in the number of HD channels. Moscow's Wi-Fi network has 1 100 access points inside the Garden Ring. The largest public Wi-Fi network in the Russian regions: 9 000 points
TOP 10 largest telecom companies in Russia
The operator is in the TOP-10 of the largest telecom companies in Russia. The company ranks 2nd among national Internet providers and 3rd among pay TV operators, according to the results of the 3rd quarter
Industrial Internet of Things (LoRaWAN) network in 62 cities
Covering 2/3 of the territory of the Russian Federation, it serves more than 13 million households. The operator was the first in Russia to deploy an industrial Internet of Things (LoRaWAN) network in 62 cities.
Winner of the state competition for connecting socially significant objects to the Internet
«ER-Telecom» was determined the winner of the state competition for connecting socially significant objects to the Internet as part of the federal project «Information Infrastructure» of the national project «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation». Launching a project for technological modernization of the network with an increase in throughput up to 1-10 GB per user


Our key priorities are the exclusive services quality and the best customer experience.
Our key priorities are the exclusive services quality and the best customer experience.
  • Focus on exclusive broadband quality: uninterrupted access, constant connection, content localization
  • Opportunity of providing access speed of up to 1-10 Gb per user
  • Providing for the high-speed internet connection using modern high-speed Wi-Fi routers
  • Creation of unique customer experience by establishing the highest customer care standards
  • Diversification of activity due to a balanced development of B2C and B2B business segments and the expansion of the digital products’ line
  • Development through both organic growth and M&A transactions
  • Rollout of optical fiber networks in the cities of operations and rural areas
  • Improvement of installed capacity penetration
  • Reduction of customers’ churn
  • Timely marketing of innovative products (intercom, cloud services, IoT, etc.)
  • Improvement of customers’ base profitability by improving loyalty
  • Development of the Company’s own backbone network to optimize costs
  • Transition to the digital business model
  • Synergetic effects of bundling digital and basic products: churn reduction and improvement of services penetration
  • Development of new proposals for corporate customers
  • Development of digital products and services for B2C and B2B customers: Cloud ATS, video-intelligence, smart intercom, data storage and protection, machine learning and computer vision
  • Leader in the area of digitalization of the Russian industrial and public sectors of economy with the expected fair share of the market of 20% of LoRaWAN market by the year 2022 (IoT)
  • Acquisition of assets according to the approved M&A strategy: assets in the cities of operations with high network quality and qualified staff
  • Attractive assets’ evaluation increasing the shareholder value of the company
Digital leadership
Digital leadership
We set the goal of doubling business for 5 years
Digital leadership
Digital leadership

Through the development and implementation of innovative services and software solutions;

Maximum personification of products that create additional value for users;

The use of «big data».

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Charity Projects
Charity Projects
  • Support for social stock funds
  • Support for city blood transfusion stations;
  • Annual participation in the action «Let's bring the child to school»
  • For several years, we support the Child House of the State Public Health Institution DRS No. 4 in Rostov-on-Don
  • Support for the project «Hearing Together», Moscow.
  • Support for the project «Hearing Together»
Social projects
Social projects
  • Ecological cleanups throughout the country from the company Dom. ru
  • Collaboration with Innopolis
  • Board of Young Professionals and GraduateAwards Award
  • Couchsurfing for employees across the country «Home. ru»
  • Sports marathons: «In the same breath», «Cross the nation», «Autumn marathon»
  • Project «School of Programmers»
  • The first meeting of supervisors
  • Support for the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater
Awards and public recognition
Awards and public recognition