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ER-Telecom, a set of young people is always open. Throughout the year, students are invited to undergo practical training in their specialty.
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School of Programmers

School of Programmers

ER-Telecom Holding JSC in 2016 organized the «School of Programmers», the purpose of which is to teach the PL / SQL programming language with the further employment of the best graduates.


Education at the «School of Programmers» is free


Anyone can become a student at the school.


2 month

A place


Form of Training

Classes 2 times a week, after 18:00

Test Based Admission

Required to pass a test containing logical tasks and simple questions on SQL knowledge, logic and programming.

Stages of Training

Preliminary testing
Selection from 50 students
2 months of training in the programming language PL/SQL
Employment of the best graduates

Results of the past graduations

graduates were awarded the completion certificates
graduates were employed by the company


The main thing you need to know: the resume must meet the requirements of the vacancy. We look at the experience of the applicant, evaluate the company. Additionally, see how the previous experience is described. “Copy-paste” from company to company, we recognize as a sign of laziness. Yes, the tasks may be the same. In addition, be honest and concise: discard unnecessary and unreliable. An accurate and competent resume always has a better chance of success.
To be afraid and worry is absolutely not worth it. We do not conduct stressful interviews or seek advice unless the counselor himself advises you. On the contrary - we set a friendly tone of communication in order to relieve tension. You will immediately know that you have to go through one or several stages, depending on the position. If you are in another city, we will conduct an interview via Skype or on the internal network in one of the branches. We always meet the candidates: we choose a convenient interview format, arrange a time, offer a relocation package in case of a move. A small test task may be waiting for you at the interview, but you should not be afraid of it: it will always correspond to the competencies required for the position.
The best advice we can give here is to come to us as you are. We will not evaluate your hair color or mood. Instead, we will talk about your experience and capabilities, and tell you what the company can give. No one will dispute the right to personal clothing, but do not forget about the appropriateness. If you come for an interview in shorts, this will testify not to personal style, but to the inability to choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.
Be prepared to talk in detail about your experience. Do not try to look as correct as possible and give socially approved answers - this is one of the main mistakes. What is the real reason for your departure from your previous job and think about your priorities. If you say you want to grow and develop further, be prepared to tell what skills you want to develop. We always pay attention to candidates who understand well what they are striving for.
There are a number of positions for which we are looking for candidates with a suitable portfolio. Most often, these are people whose work is related to the production of a creative product: PR specialists, content managers, marketers, event managers, SMM specialists. But we look at the portfolio after the interview.